Community Action, 60 Years Strong: Inspiring Hope and Advancing Opportunity

Jan 8, 2024

For 60 years, the nation’s Community Action Network has inspired a spirit of hope, helped people change their lives, and improved communities. When national, state, Tribal, and local leaders tap into Community Action Agencies, they can promote workable solutions that connect more families to opportunity—and make America a better place to live for everyone.

File:Signing of the EOA.jpg - WikipediaThe signing of the Economic Opportunity Act (P.L. 88-452) on August 20, 1964,launched a new movement and, over time—in virtually every county in America,rural, urban, suburban, and frontier—local people came together and established aCommunity Action organization. For nearly 60 years, local people have supported their local CAA. Today, about 1,000 agencies are charged with the sweeping mission of addressing the causes and conditions of poverty that hold people and places back.

From the beginning, Community Action has held the radical assumptions that all people should have the opportunity to thrive and should be treated with dignity and respect, and that structural race, gender, and other inequities are barriers that must be eliminated. Today, Community Action continues to believe in this vision and
works to advance opportunities by improving access to resources that create fair and favorable conditions for individuals to develop their own capabilities, achieve wellbeing, and reach their full potential.

Individuals and families don’t thrive on their own—their success is intertwined with a community’s overall stability, economic growth, and progress toward providing equitable outcomes. Creating a greater chance at success for everyone requirescommunities to identify barriers impeding families’ social and economic success and
to promote long-lasting solutions. A central function of Community Action is to assess current community conditions, remove the inequities and barriers people face today, and advance solutions that work.

For 60 years, Community Action has met people where they are and come alongside them to bring hope and help them achieve their goals. Tioga Opportunities, Inc. is proud to one of over 1,000 Community Action Agencies across the nation and over 40 across New York State that are helping people and changing lives. we continue to work toward our vision of an equitable society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive by building strength and resilience in the communities we serve.


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