Kick off Your Summer Fun with these Outdoor Activities

Jul 6, 2022

The sun is out, the grass is green, and it is getting warmer! It is time to get outside and get moving. Physical activity is good for everyone’s health, from children to adults. There are many activities that can get you and your family up and moving throughout the day. Parks are open, basketball courts and baseball fields can be used, bike riding and walking is much easier without the snow, and you can always just run around in the backyard and enjoy a game of tag! Even infants can increase their activity during the day. Little ones can enjoy “tummy time” and work on crawling and walking, but keep an eye on them because once they start moving, they may want to move fast! Starting a habit of physical activity and planned exercise from an early age can help promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits of being active, including weight maintenance, control of blood sugar (especially beneficial for those with diabetes), happier outlook, stronger bones, and better sleep. While participating in your favorite activities, keep safety in mind, but get out there and enjoy yourself! Below are some websites with physical activity ideas, so check them out. Enjoy your summer!

These sites can be included for activity ideas:

When children grow, their nutrition needs change. WIC is here to help families with young children. Get healthy food, nutrition advice, referrals to community resources, and more. Check out WIC’s “Chat with Wanda” to see if you can get WIC or call TOI at 607-687-3147 to see how WIC can help you!

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